florian m.alias dj fmsoundz is since 1999 as a dj in the area of stuttgart on the way. the newcomer was already interested in electronic music, especially for the field of techno and trance since the middle of the 90`s.

inspired through the sounds at that time he developed a sympathy, which always became more stronger for uk trance. from this time he often had been seen in famous record shops in stuttgart.

he rocked the turntables regular at private parties,too. there followed some gigs in different clubs like "merlin","big" and "venezia/closed party", where he rocked the party.

in the years 2002 he became at club "red" resident-dj and played weekly his records at the trance night. in autumn 2003 he was at the radio station "sunshine live" guest and showed the community what he is able for.

since 2006 you can hear him regular at onlineradio station whrere he present in an two hour liveset his new sound. since 2007 you can hear him in foreign countries,too: in swiss at and in australia at

at he has started since july 2007 his own programme "sunday trance tunes".

in the year 2009 he produced with dj tandu the first single djfmsoundz-savior


in future there will be some more gigs - let`s wait and see !